Eswachh Introduces New Brand of City Compost ESCC

Eswachh City Compost (ESCC) is popular with vegetable farmers & Garden Lovers

Eswachh Integrated solution is proud announce the launch of their second brand of compost called ESCC.ESCC is the city compost with is manufactured at the plants operated by Eswachh in various cities in India.

City Compost is a biodegradable organic…

South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) DC appreciate Eswachh for Mobile Source segregation technology implementation
Shri Bhupesh Chaudhary Appreciating Eswachh for Implementation of Source Segregation Technology

Eswachh has been working in the space of tracking of source segregation from each household in Sec22 Dwarka. The Mobile based ERP system is called Contactless Waste Collection Management System (WCMS) which tracks all segregation status of each household giving…


We are a group of enthusiasts who would like to save the mother nature. We work in the space of effective waste management and specialise in Composting & MRF.

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